Applied Social Marketing and Quality of Life

Quality of Life and Social Marketing #

Quality of life encompases a number of important consumer benefits. This textbook discusses how various social marketing campaigns took up and had an impact on quality of life. The discussion is based on campaigns run by public and nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses. In all, the book includes 26 case studies discussing the development and implementation of these campaigns. These campaigns and case studies relate to disease prevention and risk behavior (including COVID-19), safe and healthy lifestyles (e.g. physical activity, nutrition and substance use.) They also cover climate change, inclusion and interpersonal relationships. While the book is international in scope, the bulk of its case studies are from Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The book is part of Springer’s series on applying quality of life research. It’s editors are  ​M. Mercedes Galan-Ladero and  Reynaldo G. Rivera.

This textbook:

  • Approaches social marketing from quality-of-life marketing philosophy with cases from across the world.
  • Analyzes social marketing strategies related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Facilitates easy replication to other contexts through clear explanations on the development of social marketing strategies.

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Access #

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Quality of Life Topics #

Topic Areas with two or more case studies Number of case studies
·         Climate change 2
·         Sustainable production and consumption, waste 2
·         Emergency preparedness 2
·         Nutrition and food safety 3
·         Peaceful and inclusive societies 3
·         Physical activity 2
·         Substance use 2
Process improvement 17

Additional case studies cover Blood plasma donation; Education; Environmental health; Gender equality; Gender violence; and Mental health. They also cover Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices; Reducing other inequities; Regional economic development; Terrestrial conservation; and Transportation.


Regions Covered #

Region Number of case studies
Africa 2
Asia 1
Europe 12
Latin America and the Caribbean 8
North America 1
Oceania 0
Global 2



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