Social Marketing in Action: Cases from Around the World (2019)

Social Marketing in Action #

Social Marketing in Action provides upper undergraduate/graduate students with the tools necessary to understand the effective application of social marketing. A collection of 24 real-world social marketing case studies from around the world bring this texbook to life. These case studies cover a wide range of application topics. Of these, the most commonly addressed environmental topics are sustainable consumption and production, marine conservation, terrestrial conservation, and transportation. The main social topics are child and adolescent health, communicable diseases, education, gender equality, nutrition, and mental health.. Finally, one economic topic is covered: decent work for all. Further detail is provided in the ‘Topics’ section, below. Each of these case studies features a SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, campaign objectives, future directions, and discussion questions.

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Topics Covered in Social Marketing in Action #

Topic areas with two or more case studies Number of case studies
·         Marine conservation 2
·         Sustainable consumption and production, waste 4
·         Terrestrial conservation 3
·         Transportation 2
·         Child and adolescent health 3
·         Communicable diseases 4
·         Education 4
·         Gender equality 2
·         Mental health 2
·         Nutrition and food safety 2
·         Decent work for all 2
Process improvement 14


Other case studies in Social Marketing in Action focus on Cleft lip and cleft palate, Climate change, Crime prevention, and Energy. Yet other case studies cover Obesity, Physical activity, Obesity, Rail safety, Road safety, and Wildlife conservation.

This textbook features a downloadable online teaching guide that gives instructors the answers to discussion questions. The book also suggests activities inside and outside of the classroom, further reading, and additional resources.


Regions Covered #

Region Number of case studies
Africa 1
Asia 6
Europe 11
Latin America and the Caribbean 0
North America 6
Oceania 2


social marketing in action


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