Strategic Social Marketing – Second edition

Table of Contents

Overview #

This book is focused on the application of social marketing at both operational and strategic levels. This is a book for intermediate and advanced social marketing practitioners.


Access #

Priced publication available at:


Topics #

Topic Areas with 2 or more case studies Number of case studies
·         Energy consevation 2
·         Nutrition and food safety 3
·         Obesity 4
·         Physical activity 2
Process Improvement 11


Other case studies in this book focus on aging, mental health, a noncommunicable disease (breast screening for cancer), peaceful and inclusive societies, substance use (tobacco), and sustainable production and consumption (composting / waste.)


Regions #

Region Number of case studies
Africa 2
Asia 1
Europe 9
Latin America and the Caribbean 1
North America 4
Oceania 5



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