Strategic Social Marketing – Second edition

Strategic Social Marketing – Overview #

This textbook focuses on the application of social marketing at both the operational and strategic levels. It is intended for intermediate and advanced social marketing practitioners. The authors explore why social marketing should be an integral component of all social programs for achieving social good. They explain the nature and application of strategic social marketing; reconceptualising ‘value’, and ‘systems thinking’. ‘The authors also cover the intervention mix’, and ‘critical social marketing’, in the social context. Then they lay out strategy, plans, frameworks and tactics for policymakers, practitioners, students and others. The book has the following features.

  • New ideas introduce core values and ways of thinking about behaviour and social change.
  • It Integrates of the latest concepts, research, and frameworks informing behaviour and social change efforts.
  • The textbook contains new vignettes and short case studies from leading thinkers in the field to illustrate strategic social marketing concepts and ideas throughout the text.


Strategic Social Marketing

“French and Gordon really get to grips with questions regarding embracing with new thinking, and provide some answers. They do this by engaging with the idea that social marketing can work in new ways, and they are not afraid to take on some ‘sacred cows’ along the way. If you want your assumptions questioned – read this book.”

Alan Tapp, Professor of Marketing, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK


Access #

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Topics Covered #

Topic Areas with 2 or more case studies Number of case studies
·         Energy consevation 2
·         Nutrition and food safety 3
·         Obesity 4
·         Physical activity 2
Process Improvement 11


Other case studies in this book focus on aging, mental health, a noncommunicable disease (breast screening for cancer), and peaceful and inclusive societies. Yet others focus on substance use (tobacco), and sustainable production and consumption (composting / waste.)


Strategic Social Marketing – Regions Covered #

Region Number of case studies
Africa 2
Asia 1
Europe 9
Latin America and the Caribbean 1
North America 4
Oceania 5



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