Organizational Membership

iSMA provides international-based resources in social marketing practice; resources like webinars and newsletters, training, conference events, and partnerships, all of which ensure the accessibility of useful tools and contacts to our members in order to promote social marketing practice.
Organizations with global reach and or interests wishing to join iSMA may do so using the level and fee structure set out below.

Organizations such as local NGOs, government departments and Universities are encouraged to join the affiliated association in the country/region that their main office is located. A list of these iSMA affiliated associations can be found here.

Organizations wishing to join iSMA directly will first need to apply and before being accepted will be assessed using an application form set out below. The application form will be sent to the membership Chair for review and approval. On approval the organization will receive a notification and a link to the joining page on the iSMA website.

iSMA Corporate and Organizational Memberships

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