3Last year, a group of conservationists gathered at the International Marine Conservation Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, around a shared interest: the use of marketing to address biodiversity conservation issues. From this initial discussion emerged the Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group (ConsMark). The group would function within the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), a major professional network of conservationists with more than 5.000 members worldwide. The ConsMark defines conservation marketing as ‘the ethical application of marketing strategies concepts and techniques to influence attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of individuals, and ultimately societies, with the objective of advancing conservation goals.’

The ConsMark has several key objectives. One is to promote the use of scientifically-supported marketing techniques and strategies to tackle environmental issues. Another is to improve the attitude of conservation practitioners to the effective use of marketing techniques, as well as their access to these tools. To achieve these goals, the working group aims to facilitate training in marketing, and establish the trans-disciplines collaborations (e.g., with artists, musicians, comedians, film makers, and advertising agencies), necessary to successfully implement these efforts to maintain global biodiversity.

scb website 500_1Working to push these news ideas towards reality, members of the working group came together for the first time in early August, at the 27th International Congress of Conservation Biology to discuss next steps and how to take our mission further. Since then, and in last month, we have developed an official online presence with a website and amailing list (which is also open to non SCB members).

We are now reaching out to all those interested in getting involved or knowing more about our work to connect with us either via the online platforms mentioned above or through Facebook and Twitter. If you would be interested in becoming a member or contributing to the group moving forward, please contact our membership secretary Emma McKinley at SCBConsMark AT gmail.com.

Diogo Veríssimo is a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow and Co-chair of the SCB Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group

Emma McKinley is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Chichester and is Membership Secretary of the SCB Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group.


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