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iSMA offers a variety of exciting volunteer roles. Check below to see if we have any open positions.

Katherine Sadler

Katherine Sadler

iSMA Volunteer since 2013

“I’ve received more knowledge and connections regarding social marketing, as a volunteer webinar moderator, than I could have gained in the time and effort I put into assisting with them. I’ve learnt from some of the most innovative social marketers from around the world. It’s a fantastic opportunity to forge a common relationship in the field of public health.”

Tamara Harbar

Tamara Harbar

iSMA Volunteer since 2018

“To make the most of my iSMA membership, I signed up for some committee work. I’m glad I did. As a student working on my masters’ degree, it’s been a great to get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes workings of a professional organization like iSMA. The focus on innovative social marketing ideas and practices has been very helpful to my thesis work. The committee process of discussing and sharing ideas has also been positive and energizing for me. I think this experience will help me pursue work in social marketing once my studies are complete.”

The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) is a volunteer-led and managed organization, a collective of social marketers from around the globe who are working, along with the regional associations, to advance the practice of social marketing in addressing a multitude of social issues. As volunteers, we work towards a vision of a world in which social marketing is a widely valued and utilized approach to improving individual and social well-being. Volunteer work for iSMA encourages and enables a wider use of social marketing in addressing complex social issues at the international level.

Benefits to volunteering with iSMA include:

  • Networking with social marketers and social marketing projects around the world
  • Contribution to social marketing content
  • Access to leaders in the field of social marketing
  • Access to practice and academic webinars
  • Free access to the Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) journal
  • Discounted access to many social marketing conferences around the world
  • Letters of recommendation and contacts for project and job opportunities within the field

Current Volunteer Openings

We have the following volunteer positions available. Click the icons below to find out more about each role.
If you think your skills match one of the roles, download our application form below.

Web Coordinator

Graphic Designer

Ethics Committee Member

Social Media Coordinator

Interested in Volunteering with iSMA?

Download the Application form below and send your completed form to Leo Skerletopoulols at lskerletopoulos@gmail.com.

Board of Directors

Angela Makris

Board Secretary

Communication Team

Florence Sécula, Msc

Newsletter Lead Editor

Hind Al-Youha

Newsletter Co-Editor and Graphic Designer

Laura Wagstaff

Social Media Manager

April Ingram

Social Media Coordinator

Professional Development Team

Dave Cutter

Technical Host

Katherine Sadler


Surya Sundharan

Webinar & Training Coordinator

Standards Group

Carla Rodriguez-Sanchez

Ethics Committee Member

iSMA Volunteer Recognitions

We would like to say a huge thank you to the following past volunteer members for their respective contributions to the Association.



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