by Julie Hentz

The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) Board welcomed Christene Jennings. She will step into Jay Kassirer’s role to coordinate iSMA’s popular Webinar Series. The webinar feature for the late June event will be, Finding Momentos: How Design Thinking Led to Better “Sex Talks” for Hispanic Parents and Their Teens, presented by Lauren Lourenco (Design Thinking) and Julie Yegen (Westat). Much of the meeting discussion covered plans for the 2019 World Social Marketing Conference (WSMC) in Edinburgh, Scotland, June 4-5th .

  •  iSMA will be featured during two panels at WSMC: 1) a panel discussion that Patrick is moderating featuring discussion of models related to the Global Alliance for Social and Behavior Change; and 2) the panel of Next Generation of Social Marketers.
  • There will be an Annual General Meeting at the conference site from 5:30-6:30 Tuesday June 4th . Patrick Cook and Diogo Verissimo are preparing the agenda for the Annual General Meeting
  • The iSMA Board will meet at the conference site at noon on Wednesday, June 5th
  • Julie Hentz and the iSMA Communication Team have developed content for the promotional flyer which also includes information on all the Regional and Local Associations as well, a Member Survey, and the iSMA Conference Banner to be printed in Edinburgh. Jennifer Wayman will oversee the design and printing of the promotional flyer
  • The new iSMA website, sans the member portal, will be featured at the iSMA exhibit at WSMC in order to introduce attendees to the new design and content of the website. It will also serve as a valuable beta test site for member feedback
  • iSMA is now using Zoom as their meeting and communication platform and it is functioning well.
  • Nancy Lee (PNSMA) is developing an online certificate course in social marketing to:
    o Increase understanding of the discipline
    o Expand the practice of social marketing around the world
    o Bring in revenue for iSMA
    o Support member recruitment for iSMA and the regional associations
  • Christene is planning a more comprehensive set of professional development offerings for the Webinar channel, such as the aforementioned online course created by Nancy Lee
  • Christene is reaching out to regional associations for their feedback and content regarding the Webinar Series, to ensure global participation in the webinars
  • Christene offered to follow up with Social Marketing Quarterly and the Journal of Social Marketing to offer opportunities for their authors to be featured in upcoming webinars

Please reach out to any of the board members with questions or comments on these updates.


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