iSMA seeks to capture and spread good practice in Social Marketing internationally. iSMA supports the translation of the global consensus definition of Social Marketing into as many languages as possible as part of this process of sharing best practice.  Our thanks go out to those who have helped in developing this first translation into Arabic.

The Global Consensus Definition of Social Marketing:

“Social Marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviour that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good. Social Marketing practice is guided by ethical principles. It seeks to integrate research, best practice, theory, audience and partnership insight, to inform the delivery of competition sensitive and segmented social change programmes that are effective, efficient, equitable, and sustainable.”

Arabic translated definition:

Acknowledgements: Translated and led by Menna Kamel, Social Marketing and Behaviour Change Consultant, Egypt. Edited and revised by Iman Ahmed, Translator/Editor, Egypt. Consulted for Final Revision: – Dr. Azza Gohar, Former Director of the National Nutrition Institute Egypt, Former Health care Management Consultant and Policy Advisor to the Ministry of Health, Egypt. Social Marketing Consultant for UN Agencies. – Fatema Al Zahraa Habib, Arabic Grammar Language Instructor, Egypt. – Saud Alrakhayes, Founder of The Behaviour Change, Senior Behavioural Strategist, Kuwait. Contact details: If you would like to feed in your views regarding the Arabic translation of the Global Consensus Definition of Social Marketing kindly contact Menna Kamel at and Saud Alrakhayes at

The above and other translations are available on our definitions page.



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