Call for expressions of interest by end of June 2020: The Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Social Marketing

A group of social marketing experts from across the world is developing the first encyclopaedia of social marketing in the form of The Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Social Marketing. This work will not only help develop the expertise of practitioners around the world but will promote social marketing as a very valid and effective approach to social improvement programmes. 

Most topics identified to be included in this work have been taken up by various social marketing experts from around the world. However, there remain very few topics that have not been taken up yet, these are listed below.

If you are interested in writing on any of these topics, please contact the relevant section editors and copy the following email: to keep track of the responses. All authors that contribute to the encyclopaedia will be acknowledged as such.


1) Section name: Theoretical concepts and models 

Contact: Hamilton C Carvalho at: hccarvalho (@)  and Patricia David at: p.david (@) 

  • the concept of exchange in Social Marketing

2) Section name: Professional bodies and key resource centres 

Contact: Krzysztof Kubacki at: krzysztof.kubacki (@) and  Timo Dietrich at:  t.dietrich (@) 

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, USA
  • University of South Florida, USA

3) Section name: Types, Forms and Levels of intervention techniques 

Contact: Mike Newton-Ward at: sm1guru (@)  and Carol Breland at: brelandc (@) 

  • Coalition building and action 
  • Community protests and demonstrations
  • Direct mail
  • Group engagement
  • Public relations
  • Social change movements
  • Stakeholder/partnership planning 
  • Training for SM efficiency
  • Documentaries approach
  • Online intervention for SM approach
  • Policy and systems approach
  • Roadshows and events approach
  • Service change approach  

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