The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) is looking for an Ethics Committee volunteer.

Every social change program faces ethical challenges that need to be recognized, acknowledged and considered during the planning, development, delivery and evaluation stages. Behavior change that benefits individuals and communities should be developed and delivered in such a way that they demonstrate that such ethical issues have been addressed. Therefore, the Social Marketing Statement of Ethics was adopted by iSMA in February 2020:

In June 2021 iSMA established Ethics Working Group and the Group is now seeking volunteers to help develop a Social Marketing Code of Ethics to guide effective and ethical practice in social marketing and build the evidence-base for future social marketing ethics resources.

The Group will consist of up to 8 members. It is anticipated that the Group will convene online (e.g., via Zoom or MS Teams) on five occasions between October 2021 and June 2022, with additional meetings as required. Members will be expected to provide specific advice on the development of the Social Marketing Code of Ethics in line with the current social marketing definition and the Social Marketing Statement of Ethics, and may be required to work independently and/or with other members to draft different sections of the code for discussion during online meetings and via emails.

The Ethics Working Group membership is an ideal opportunity to network, learn about the field and contribute. We are a devoted group of social marketers with varying expertise who are dedicated to marketing social marketing and to improving ethical practice and resource options for social marketing practitioners and scholars.

Ideal requirements are as follows:

  • Understanding of social marketing ethics theory and practice;
  • Understanding of ethical challenges in social marketing across regions and issues;
  • Expected time commitment per week: approx. 1-2 hours; minimum one year commitment.

Benefits to volunteering at iSMA include:

• Interaction with other social marketers, access to some of the leading academics and practitioners in the field
• Learn by doing, advance one’s knowledge base through work with other Social Marketers
• Access to Meet-ups, network opportunities with social marketers, to learn about job opportunities and partnership opportunities
• Access to further training in Social Marketing
• Discounts on registration to a variety of Social Marketing Conferences
• Access to iSMA webinars on best practice (global scale)
• Contribute to the promotion of the field of Social Marketing

If you are interested in applying, kindly complete the below application form and email it to iSMA’s Volunteer Chair, Carlos Oliveira Santos, via For more information, contact Krzysztof Kubacki via

Application deadline: October 15, 2021
Starts in: November 2021

Thank you for your interest!


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