October, 2019

written by Julie Hentz, iSMA Communication Team Chair

When iSMA members enjoy social marketing-related content from their bi-monthly newsletter, including case study spotlights and Board updates, introductions to social marketing organizations and available jobs in social marketing, we have iSMA volunteer Vijit Sunder to thank.

Vijit has been a volunteer with iSMA for over a year. He was born in India and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He first became inspired by social marketing while he was in the Netherlands on an exchange term at Maastricht University. He attended a lecture about using marketing theory to change behaviours for both personal and the broader social good. It was the moment when he became aware of the power of marketing to coerce change through personal choice. 

Vijit’s Master of Science in Global Health Degree from McMaster University aligned well with his social marketing inspiration. His path of interest became directed toward removing barriers and changing perceptions for improved health outcomes within low-income communities in developing countries. 

Vijit was fortunate to obtain a fellowship in India working with Noora Health, a healthcare nonprofit, where he supported a program to promote healthy behaviour changes among families, e.g. exclusive breastfeeding and kangaroo care. The experience confirmed for him that the power of well-placed marketing tactics combined with local partnerships translated into powerful behavior change tactics.

Vijit stays involved in the social marketing community, not only by volunteering for iSMA, but by attending conferences like the 2019 North American Social Marketing Conference in Ottawa. He also shares social marketing approaches and successes through his blog www.paperfieldgap.org.  

It’s important to the future of the social marketing field to have advocates like Vijit, who are involved in practice and content promotion. We are so grateful to Vijit for his many contributions to iSMA and for the hours of service he provides for member benefit. We look forward to the impact that he will be making on the global social marketing scene. Stay tuned!


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