July iSMA Board Meeting

The July Board meeting allotted much discussion time to the election process planned for the fall. Because a nomination was submitted with what was discovered to be false information, the need to discuss vetting iSMA candidates became an important issue. Going forward, nominees will be required to submit two references and examples of social marketing work. The Board will review the candidates before the voting process. The nominees will be presented to the members through the new website, with the voting taking place through the website as well. There will be a 2-3 week window for voting.

A member experience workgroup will be headed by Leonidas Skerletopoulos to assess member perspectives with the aim to enhance the member experience.

The consolidating of the Member Database project is moving along and at a stage where GDRP legalities are being addressed. We must identify a storage location for all member data related to our European members, somewhere on European soil and not in the U.S. where most of the data will be stored.

A reminder that the World Social Marketing Conference is now moved to 2022.

The iSMA Training platform will be managed by Hitch Marketing (iSMA’s webinar IT partner) and we will enter into a 12-month agreement with Hitch. This decision was supported by a vote from the Board.

ESMA announced their revised conference dates for October 20-22, 2021.

SMANA announced the launch of their Mentorship Program to pilot with 3-6 people in September.

AASM is planning their event in July of 2021 and seeking location for a potential in-person event in a location where COVID has little to no presence.


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