Photo: “Quintin enjoying kayaking on the Keurboom River in Knysna – his favorite vacation spot in South Africa.”

One of the true gifts of volunteering for the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) is the opportunity to work side-by side with exceptional people from all around the world as we advance Social Marketing practice and academics together. One such star is Quintin Coetzee…

Quintin has been volunteering with iSMA for almost a year. He initially joined the Global Blogging Team, a feature of the iSMA Website where bloggers from around the world write about regional social marketing approaches to local challenges. Quintin brings with him an extensive background in marketing and a working knowledge of website design and development. Once that was discovered, Quintin jumped in as our Web Coordinator where he has been invaluable in building out the new website with Braden Occomore. In that role, Quintin has improved the functionality and clean design of the site. He has fully embraced the work of iSMA and will be sitting on the Strategic Planning Committee this year to help map out the direction of the organization.

Quintin was born in Cape Town, South Africa and grew up within a paradise of beautiful beaches, mountains, and vineyards. He went on to graduate from the University of Cape Town with a Masters in Business Science (MBusSc), focusing on general administration and marketing.

Since volunteering with iSMA, Quintin has gained a new appreciation for the capacity of applying marketing theory to positively impact social issues. He has gained a new “willingness to take heed of its principles in my future work.”

Regarding Social Marketing practice, Quintin says, “it’s a fantastic tool that can be used to bring public benefit. There is still so much societal progress left undone, and we are living in what often feels like tumultuous times. A major value of mine, which aligns with my political ideology, is that we should all be working together to improve each other’s lives, as a whole. Not leaving anyone behind. With public education in some areas being subpar – either intentionally or unintentionally – social marketing can fill some of that gap, help us address the challenges facing us today, and prevent some potential challenges in the future. With so many areas in need of progress – environmental protection; women’s, children’s, and LGBT rights; public health; and income inequality, to name a few – social marketing is a highly valuable tool to bring about positive change.”

Quintin’s path is taking an exciting turn. He will be crossing the Atlantic soon to settle in Ontario, Canada where he plans to continue building on his career in administration, executive assistance, and marketing. He also plans to identify a volunteer position working with animals, a particular passion of his.

Looking ahead, Quintin’s wishes are that “If I can make a few other people in this world as happy as they make me, that will be time well spent. Ultimately, I’d like to know that I’ve had a positive impact on the world, in some way, through the things I’ve done.”

From our vantage point at iSMA, Quintin, you have already made a positive impact and we know you will continue to be a powerful force for good.


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