Written by Nancy Lee, as part of her Social Marketing Sightings theme.

On an evening television news station this week there was a special plea for adoption of dogs in a county’s animal shelter. One of the reasons for the special plea was that 37 dogs had recently been rescued from a home where dogs had been mistreated, and there was scarce, if any, room at the shelter.

The news story and website and Facebook page announced an incentive: “For the entire month of January, all dog adoption fees are $25 off through the “Be Their Hero” Adoption Event. For every dog adopted, that’s another dog that can come into the shelter and receive lifesaving care and a chance at a forever home.”

And then, the next day I saw another dog rescue effort, this one on CNN. 4 Luv of Dog Rescue partnered with a local beer brewing company Fargo Brewing Company, to “shine light” on some of the harder to place dogs in the shelters. Six chosen dogs were featured on beer cans! The community was invited to a special event at the brewery where they could pick up a six pack of the beer for $9 AND meet one of the pups up for adoption. The marketing manager told CNN the night of the event that the community response was amazing and heartwarming and would be surprised if this didn’t lead to adoptions.



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