Written by Nancy Lee, as part of her Social Marketing Sightings theme.

The Ad Council here in the U.S. aired a special webinar on January 21st 2021 titled; Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s Vaccine Education Initiative: Sharing our insights, campaign preview & partnership opportunities.

Some of the major takeaways for me were about recommended priority audiences, messages, and messengers:

  • Their extensive research indicated that, worryingly, 50% of survey respondents were “hesitant”, meaning they will “wait and see” and then decide whether to get the vaccine.
  • Their hesitance was influenced primarily by their lack of confidence in the vaccine:
    • It was developed so quickly. Is it safe?
    • Is it effective (e.g., worth the risk)?
    • This is more about politics than protecting citizens.
  • Desired Benefit: Protect others and myself.
  • Recommendations:
    • Acknowledge their concerns; show empathy and respect.
    • Keep a positive tone.
    • Physicians are, for some, more credible messengers than scientists.
    • Emphasize the benefit of protection.
    • Remind them what they will miss out on if we don’t end this pandemic soon.

As always, use trusted sources to answer questions.


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