250px_may_2015_newsletter_book_1Strategic Social Marketing takes a systemic approach to explaining and illustrating the added value of applying marketing to solve social problems.

The authors present social marketing principles in a strategic, critical and reflexive way to help engender social good via the effectiveness and efficiency of social programmes in areas such as Health, Environment, Governance and Public Policy. In illustrating how it can be applied, the text places Strategic Social Marketing in a global context, giving examples and case studies from around the world.

Set into a clear structure it:

  • Takes you through an exploration of why marketing should be an integral component of all social programme design and delivery when looking to achieve social good.
  • Moves on to the nature and application of social marketing, rethinking traditional concepts such as ‘value’ and ‘exchange’ in the social context.
  • Lays out the ‘how to’ so you can create fully realised strategy, plans, frameworks and tactics to influence behaviours.

‘Social marketing is at a crossroads: do we stick to the old paradigms or do we embrace new ways of thinking?  French and Gordon really get to grips with these questions – and provide some answers. They do this by embracing the idea that social marketing can work in new ways, and they are not afraid to take on some marketing ‘sacred cows’ along the way. If you want your assumptions questioned – read this book.’  –  Alan Tapp, Professor of Marketing, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK

Source: http://www.uk.sagepub.com/booksProdDesc.nav?prodId=Book237965#tabview=title


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