The Professional Development Committee of iSMA is looking for volunteers to join us in rolling out the “iSMA Social Marketing Course & Training Programs Accreditation Service.

The new service will provide iSMA recognition of both academic (Undergraduate, postgraduate, and modules) and practice-based training, introductions, and skills workshops. We aim to start the service in September 2024. We are currently in the process of carrying out several pilot assessments to test the methodology we have developed.

We are in this regard looking for additional volunteers who have:

At least, five years’ experience in Social Marketing including being part of organizations or institutions related to Social Marketing that provides training.

Once we have a database of reviewers, we will provide you with supporting review methodology material as well as an opportunity to take part in a briefing and coordinating meeting that will be designed to help volunteers carry out reviews.

If you are interested in joining our review group, please fill this short form:


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