Written by Juilie Hentz


Announcing the premiere of The Agents of Change Summit, occurring on February 8th and 9th, 2016 in San Diego, CA at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, Bay Tower.

The impetus for this event is to bring together people who have the vision and experience to improve how behavior change marketing impacts people’s choices and actions.

Leaders in public health, government, non-profit, academic, digital and social media, technology, and research will be gathering to provide perspective, discussion, and innovative thought between disciplines with the goal of improving social and behavior change outcomes.

The organizing committee consists of traditional Social Marketing leaders from around the world, academic approaches to behavior change, and leaders of some of the most creative, forward thinking organizations. The discussions and activities will be aimed at public health innovators through an exploration of the science and technology of behavior change in order to identify ways to increase outcome impact.

The six stated goals of the Summit are:

  1. To ensure a connectivity and build approach to the content of the sessions, ultimately geared to illuminate the next generation of effective behavior change strategists.
  2. To take a deep dive into behavior change strategies and identify why some are most effective.
  3. To harness the power of the technology to broaden effect, including using advanced digital tools and partnering with digital influencers.
  4. To create networking villages where one can share stories and identify new partners and strategies.
  5. To highlight evaluation and measurement. Knowing what best choices are and making best choices are two different things. To be a successful behavior change effort, behaviors must be evident and measureable.
  6. To enjoy the inviting climate of San Diego in February!

For all of us who are committed, through our unique disciplines to creating successful behavior change programs, this event promises to be an important new tool to enhance our work!

Sponsorships are still available. Take advantage of early registration rates through December 30th.https://agentsofchangesummit.com/


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