Having established itself as a critical part of movie-marketing campaigns, Wattpad is now looking to produce its own entertainment.

For a few years now, the Toronto-based storytelling app Wattpad has been a crucial piece of Hollywood marketing. After all, with a monthly audience of over 45 million people, most of them young and female, Wattpad offers access to a key, movie-going demographic. And Wattpad users, who use the app to create and upload hundreds of millions of stories, are by nature very social and loyal creatures. They post adoring comments not just on the stories themselves, but on specific paragraphs and turns of phrase. In so doing, they “start to feel ownership with the writer,” says Aron Levitz, head of the newly created Wattpad Studios. “They’re helping to create this property. A lot of writers will say, I wrote my first story with Wattpad, it was amazing. I wrote my sixth story with you, and my eighth and ninth because the audience egged me on.”

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