Written by Juilie Hentz
Nancy Lee, Professor of Social Marketing at the Evans School of Public Policy, the University of Washington, in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association, has worked to install a five banner exhibit portraying the approach and benefits of Social Marketing at the Washington State Capitol Building. They were created to inform and inspire legislators and state agency directors to consider a Social Marketing approach to citizen behavior.

Traditional efforts by policy makers to influence citizen behaviors have traditionally relied on two approaches:

1)     Regulation/Legal Interventions (The Make Me Approach).

2)     Information/Education (The Show Me Approach).

These banners introduce policy makers to the third approach… The Help Me Approach, i.e. Social
Marketing, the process that uses traditional marketing principles and techniques to change citizen behaviors that benefit society and the individual.
Kudos to Nancy and partners for this creative and impactful approach to spreading the word where it counts. The banners are on display in the State Capitol through the 2016 legislative session (May).

See them here….


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