Now you can search in one centralized location for high quality social marketing case studies from multiple sources across the world. The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA), in collaboration with its regional associations, has just launched a Global Portal for Social Marketing Case Studies.

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Case Banks: The case banks indexed so far (each one has multiple social marketing case studies) include the following. To suggest an additional case bank, contact Jay Kassirer at

  • Journals (Journal of Social Marketing; Social Marketing Quarterly)
  • Textbooks (Applied Social Marketing and Quality of Life; Social Marketing and Sustainable Development Goals; Social Marketing in Action: Cases from Around the World; and Strategic Social Marketing – Second edition)
  • Websites (NSMC’s Showcase; Tools of Change)

Individual Case Studies: We have also started to include individual case studies. Aside from the case studies in the case banks mentioned above, these will be screened, posted, and promoted through the regional social marketing associations.

Topic Areas: Where practical, we use internationally accepted classifications for our topic areas and their names. We are currently guided by the classification system used by the World Health Organization, and by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The following are our current topic areas:

  • Economic Topics: Decent Work for All; Equitable Access to Economic Resources; Poverty Reduction; Regional Economic Development
  • Environmental Topics: Air Quality; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Energy, Marine Conservation; Pollution Prevention; Sustainable Agriculture; Sustainable Production and Consumption, Waste; Sustainable Tourism; Terrestrial Conservation; Transportation; Water and Sanitation; Wildlife Conservation
  • Process Improvement
  • Social Topics: Aging; Child and Adolescent Health; Communicable Diseases; Crime Prevention; Education; Emergency Preparedness; Environmental Health; Epidemics and Pandemics; Gender Equality; Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals; Maternal and Newborn health; Mental Health; Noncommunicable Diseases, Cancer; Nutrition and Food Safety; Obesity; overcoming stereotypes and prejudices; Parenting; Peaceful and Inclusive Societies; Physical Activity; Reducing Other Inequities; Road Safety; Sexual and Reproductive health; Substance Use

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