Social Marketers please give us your feedback on the new iSMA Social Marketing professional standards.

The standards are set out under what the working group have identified as the six key knowledge and skill function areas required for effective , efficient, and ethical Social Marketing Practice.

  1. Setting of explicit knowledge belief and behavioural goals
  2. Problem identification critical thinking and reflexivity
  3. Theory, insight, data and evidence informed segmentation
  4. People orientation
  5. Competition and asset analysis
  6. Deliver value-based exchange through a mix of behavioural influence

These standards will be updated on an ongoing basis with the next full revision taking place by the end of 2027. iSMA wishes to thank and acknowledge the work of all those who contributed to this first set of standards of practice in Social Marketing. iSMA and its affiliated associations are especially grateful to the work of the committee members and the leadership of Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele Chair of the iSMA Standard setting Committee.

You can download the Social Marketing Standards document here.


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