iiSMA share for change maySMA would like to take the opportunity to invite you to share with our international Social Marketing community evidence of your experience in the field.  iSMA wants you to be a co-creator of its content and invites you to participate sharing:

1) Images and links to videos of Social Marketing projects in which you have worked or you are working on. Create a visual story that will most certainly resonate with your colleagues.


  • The size limit of pictures is 500 MB.
  • Please give us a brief description of the context in which the picture was taken and the video was recorded.
  • The links to videos will be shared on our digital media platforms (website, social media).
  • You will receive an iSMA release form request for the pictures.
  • The photos will be archived and managed through iSMA and used with discretion by iSMA and immediate partners only.

2) Research and your experiences conducting Social Marketing strategies to influence behaviors that benefit individuals around the globe. Social Marketers want to know what you are doing and this will expose your work to an international community.


  • Provide us with an abstract of your experience / research.
  • If you have a link to a webpage or blog with more information of your work, please include it.
  • Include visual or links to multimedia content in case you have them.

Please send your contribution to news@i-socialmarketing.org or uploade it at http://bit.ly/ismaphotos where you will also find the release form. We also invite you to participate in our online community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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