About the Presenter

Thomas Stokell (NZ).

About the Webinar

This workplace cycling program uses ‘stage of change’ to segment participants and cost-effectively tailor communications with them. By targeting information and tools specific to individual users, participants are moved along a personal journey of change. Also innovative are its use of mobile platforms like cell phones and tablets to reach the right people with the right information at the right time. Originally developed in New Zealand, this program has now been replicated in continental Europe, the UK, US and Australia. In 2015, the Love to Ride programme is expanding further across the US, UK and into Continental Europe.

This program was designated a Tools of Change Landmark program in 2014 and its case study webinar was presented in January 2015. It is such a great illustration of stages of change, segmentation and automated personalization that we asked the speaker to do an iSMA webinar as well. Comments from the Landmark peer-selection panel: Replicability and adaptability are sky high! … Pragmatic, focused, innovative, creative … Builds engagement over time … Good use of electronic media to reach many people in a tailored way without the resources needed for face-to-face … Similar to the sophistication of online advertisers.

Date(s) of Webinar

This webinar was presented Mar. 25, 2015


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