Written by Nancy Lee, as part of her Social Marketing Sightings theme.

Retailers temporarily allowed to provide a joint for adults vaccinated at in-store clinics Marijuana retailers in Washington state can offer a free joint to customers who receive a COVID-19 vaccination at an in-store clinic.

“The (state) Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) received multiple requests from “marijuana” (herein referred to as cannabis) retail licensees to engage in a promotion, in a mutual effort with the State of Washington, to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations,” according to a June 7 email to retailers and a board media release. “Effective immediately, the LCB is providing a limited allowance for retail cannabis licensed businesses to offer COVID-19 vaccination clinics at the retail store, and offer one joint at no cost to customers who receive a COVID-19 vaccination at the promotional clinic. The allowance is optional for licensees, and will expire on July 12, 2021.”

My Thoughts: On the positive side, I think the strategy seems well designed for one of the major hesitant groups, young adults. This makes getting the vaccine more “fun, popular and easy.” On the concern side, there is the potential, as with other similar incentives being offered for the hesitant groups/laggards, that if and when we have a future similar pandemic, people may wait until the incentives are offered.

Source: Mercer Island Reporter. mi-reporter@mail.mi-reporter.com


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