Written by Nancy Lee, as part of her Social Marketing Sightings theme.

Amazon is offering monetary incentives for employees to get vaccinated. Below are quotes from the company’s recent news release.

“As COVID-19 vaccines become available to front-line workers, we are asking our employees to be vaccinated at the earliest appropriate time to protect themselves, their families, and communities. To help, hourly employees in the U.S. such as those working in Operations, Customer Service, AWS Support and Data Centers, Devices Support and Data Associates, Whole Foods Markets, and Physical Stores will receive $40 for each dose if they have to go off-site for the vaccine”.

“In addition to supporting employees when they go off-site to get the vaccine, we have begun the work to build on-site vaccine options at many of our Operations sites and will use them in partnership with local governments as the vaccine becomes available to us”.



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