Written by Nancy Lee, as part of her Social Marketing Sightings theme.

An article written by the NASEM Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education caught my attention with the headline, “Increasing Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccination through Requirement and Incentive Programs.”

The following Incentive-related recommendations (primarily monetary-related) for consideration were highlighted:

• The incentive is known and well-advertised.
(e.g., social media)
• The incentive is delivered immediately.
(e.g., gift card received at the vaccination site)
• The incentive is valued.
(e.g., a hunting license for rural residents)
• The incentive is cost-effective.
(e.g., lotteries, given individuals overestimate chances of winning)
• The incentive meets ethical and health equity criteria.
(e.g., modest cash awards could unfairly induce those who are least well-off)
• The potential risks of implementing the incentive program are carefully weighed.
(e.g., it may result in expectations of payment for future vaccinations)



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