Written by Nancy Lee, as part of her Social Marketing Sightings theme.

On Thursday, Aug. 19, The Social Marketing Association of North America (SMANA) hosted a networking event online.

We talked a lot about social marketing strategies related to COVID.

One that stood out for me was our discussions regarding the “make me” group, those who haven’t gotten the vaccine and don’t have a current intention to do so.

We shared that this group is not homogeneous, that there are many distinct segments including pregnant women, educators, young adults, older conservatives, and more. And that each segment would need a unique plan, as they have different desired benefits from getting the vaccine, as well as barriers.

Also, that segments should be prioritized based on size, reachability, existing efforts to persuade them, and more.

And finally, that we should look for a common desired benefit as an “umbrella” theme, something such as the desire to end this pandemic and get back to normal.

I truly enjoyed the conversation with fellow social marketers.


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