About the Presenter

Christine Domegan (IE).

About the Webinar

Although social marketing has focused on individual behaviour change for the past 40 years, individual change and social change need to be integrated to facilitate transformation and progress. By embedding social marketing interventions in systems thinking and design, the EU-funded ‘Sea for Society’ Action Plan successfully linked micro choices to macro outcomes. Instead of targeting variables, Sea for Society has focused on processes such as mutual learning, consultation and joint action to create the foundation for a ‘Blue Society’. Participants have consisted of 28 organisations across 12 European countries, including researchers, marine and land-based organisations, government and non-governmental bodies, individuals and youth.

In this webinar, Dr. Christine Domegan maps out the innovative stakeholder and citizen conversations that helped identify the components of, barriers to and benefits of a sustainable marine ecosystem. This research also revealed how stakeholders perceive these barriers to be interrelated and connected, and which actions they perceive to be most feasible and impactful. Data presented during the webinar show how Sea for Society is successfully mobilizing Stakeholders and Citizen/Youth for change, and is going beyond individual campaigns to a collective scaled-up ‘Blue Society’ movement.

Date(s) of Webinar

This webinar was presented May 21, 2015


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