Written by Julie Hentz
Malaria Nets, "Come to Safety" Image courtesy of Johns HopkinsAn image can say so much and in social marketing, it can go a long way to uncover a social or environmental challenge, or to speak to the efforts of social marketers as they address their diverse projects in public health, the environment, education, and other areas.

The International Social Marketing Association (ISMA) is initiating the development of a repository of images to use on the ISMA website as a means to reflect the scope of “change for good” with which social marketers around the world are involved. In addition to visual stories on the web, some images might lend themselves to a Pinterest composition to accompany an important social marketing message.  Often the most simple of messages, matched with the right image, can create a very powerful and memorable impact.

Malaria Nets. “Come to Safety”  Image courtesy of Johns Hopkins’ Photoshare

This is a request for images from our members and visitors to engage with us and share a visual of a Social Marketing project you are working on, maybe one that needs attention, or perhaps a triumph you have had with a recent project. Put your artistic imagery skills to work, even with that iphone or tablet, and create a visual story that will most certainly resonate with your colleagues.

Please send your images to: Jhentz@iqsolutions.com.  I will provide you with an ISMA release form request. The photos will be archived and managed through ISMA and used with discretion by ISMA and immediate partners only.

Let’s begin our visual conversation about Social Marketing now. We’d love to hear from you.


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