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Social Issue: Tobacco Use

Social Marketing Strategy: A New Product to Help Quit

Where Sighted:  Evening Television News & Online Article

A new product was launched in January of 2024 by Fred Huch Cancer Research Center in Seattle to help a person quit smoking. The release came shortly after data showed that WA state “received a D grade in providing access to resources to help people quit tobacco.” 

It was described by a psychologist and scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center as an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to help quitters walk through the steps. 

The App, branded QuitBot, was created to provide benefits and overcome common barriers to other quit practices, with features described in a news article (link below) including:

  • It’s available 24 hours a day
  • It is designed for “users to bond with the chatbot.”
  • It does this with a virtual coach and avatar called “Ellen.”
  • Users can personalize “Ellen” in how she looks.
  • Users can ask specific questions and receive tailored, scientifically backed responses.
  • The bot is equipped to answer more than 11,000 questions related to quitting.
  • Users are more willing to reveal things about themselves to an avatar.
  • The app is free to download from a typical phone’s app store.

Photo by Growtika on Unsplash


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