About the Presenter

Houda Khayame (JO) is a Program Manager and Social Marketing professional with 18 years of experience in strategic design, management, and implementation of family planning, HIV/AIDS, malaria and environment programs in Africa and the Arab world.  She has a long experience in interacting with USAID missions and UN Agencies in North and West Africa and the Middle East. Currently as the Deputy Chief of Party of the Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy Project in Jordan, a $30 Million USAID-funded project, Ms. Khayame provides overall technical leadership to increase demand for modern family planning methods, and create an enabling environment for family planning through effective  advocacy and policy strategies.


About the Webinar

Imagine trying to change behaviours that are barely talked about in public. That was the challenge in Jordan, a conservative environment where the sensitive topic of family planning is difficult to raise outside the privacy of a clinic. Instead, social norms include large size families, a preference for male children and pregnancy right after marriage. Fear of modern contraceptive methods is also quite common. Join us to learn about a bold social marketing campaign and the success factors that helped it achieve significant changes in the use of intrauterine devices in Jordan.

Date(s) of Webinar

This webinar was presented Nov. 5, 2015

Watch the recording here.


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