About the Presenter

Lucia Barros (BR) conducts research in consumer psychology at the Center for Behavioral Research (CBR – FGV), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her research interests are donor’s behavior, crowdfunding, morality, and social marketing. She has also worked as the CEO at Cidadão Pró-Mundo, a Non-Profit Organization focused on educational programs, for 4 years. In addition, she has 3 years of experience as a Professor of Marketing, holding a MSc degree, and teaching in the areas of Consumer Behavior, Research Methods and Marketing Strategy.

About the Webinar

This webinar presents the current knowledge about why people give (money, time, and non-financial resources), focusing on the results of recent research and practical examples from Brazilian NGOS. It also relates motivations to give to motivations to change undesirable behaviors, with corresponding tips for designing more effective programs. Presented by Lucia Barros (Brazil).

Date(s) of Webinar

This webinar was presented Jan. 27, 2016

You can watch the recording here.


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