wsmconfcircleThe 4th World Social Marketing Conference that took place in Sydney (April 19-21, 2015) congregated academics and practitioners from around the globe. During the two days of the conference participants had access to 53 oral presentations and 10 poster or workshop presentations showcasing the use of social marketing in 21 countries, from Australia to Zambia.

The conference covered a wide range of conceptual, methodological, contextual and practice based perspectives. Speakers shared their knowledge of concepts such as socio-ecological approaches, stakeholder theory, critical social marketing, value theory, service thinking, and systems thinking.  Additionally, the conference increased the body of knowledge on methods including surveys, focus groups, open ended interviews, ethnography, and visual ethnography.

The experiences from the participants and speakers demonstrated the broad reach and applicability of Social Marketing on topics ranging from mental health, obesity, alcohol consumption, and road safety; to energy efficiency and recovery from natural disasters.

To have access to the WSMC 2015 Proceedings click here.


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