About the Webinar

Changing youth behaviors can impact entire lives. But youth behaviors are notoriously difficult to change. This difficulty, however, is often caused by the approach taken by youth behavior change programs, rather than being inherent to the behaviors themselves. Too often, adults want youth to change for the “right reasons,” such as health, safety or a sense of responsibility. These however, are adult values. Requiring youth to adopt them in the process of behavior change creates unnecessary barriers to change.

This webinar introduces and explores a new perspective on youth behavior change that focuses on creating social marketing strategies that are truly citizen-oriented. By understanding the common values that are key to youth, segmenting youth based on these values, and then designing social marketing strategies based on those values, social marketers can have greater impact and be more cost-effective. Youth insights, strategies and outcomes will be shared to illustrate this novel behavior change perspective.

Date(s) of Webinar

This webinar was presented Nov. 12/13, 2014


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