Within the U.S. Foundation Funding of Africa report, we provide an infographic illustrating which countries in Africa received how much funding from U.S. based foundations. 

AGAG distro infographic

Overall, approximately $1.5 billion dollars were funded to Africa. The top 5 recipients being Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Senegal. On the opposite end of the list lives Gabon, Madagascar, Cote d’loire and Togo; they were the 5 countries to receive the least amount of support. 

While the infographic provides some very impressive figures, it is important that we acknowledge that not all of the money given is exclusively benefiting the residents of these countries. For example, most of the top recipients in Africa are simply headquarters for organizations that work in several other African countries. 

In addition, despite the figures represented in the infographic, it should not be assumed that distribution of the money is wide. For example, Swaziland received $11.1 million dollars in funding but it all went to one specific organization: the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation. 

Visit the report for more information about of the factors that drive the decision-making process for foundation funding within Africa:  U. S. Foundation Funding for Africa – 2015 Edition

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