Here’s an inspiring environmental case study from New Zealand, reviewed as the Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) case study: Clean, Check, Dry.

While this effort started as a standard public information campaign, the program eventually researched what would motivate segmented target audiences to actually “Check, Clean, Dry” their gear and equipment, boots, and tires to stop the spread of an invasive species called Didymo. The intervention made a personal-level appeal to solve a social problem, and was very effective in doing so. As the case reported, “The research showed that in 2009 100% of high-risk users in the South Island and 99% of high-risk users in the North Island were able to identify an action they take to help stop the spread of didymo. Of those, 71% always Check, Clean and Dry and 21% sometimes Check, Clean and Dry.”

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