The U.S. Foundation Funding for Africa report focuses on many aspects of foundation funding for Africa with a large focus on where money was given geographically.  

In 2012, just over one-quarter of foundation giving for Africa targeted organizations headquartered in 36 of the 54 countries on the continent, led by the Kenya-based African Agricultural Technology Foundation and followed by the Society for Family Health based in Nigeria. 

The following table indicates the top 15 organizations who were recipients of foundation funding in 2012 headquartered in Africa:

Geographic Funding Table 2_AGAGReport

Contrarily, the majority of U.S. foundation funding focused on organizations headquartered outside of the continent. The top-ranked World Health Organization (WHO), based in Switzerland, received grants focused on Africa totaling $133.6 million . Organizations based in the USA, the UK, Germany and Italy were also among the recipients. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was responsible for a substantial share of giving to organizations based outside of Africa.

The following table illustrates how funding continued to increase for recipients based outside of Africa between 2002 and 2012: 

Overview Table3_AGAGReport

Finally, in this last infographic, we highlight an important caveat– that foundation funding may not be intended to exclusively benefit the residents of those countries.  Most of the top recipient countries in Africa were the headquarter locations for organizations working in multiple African countries. 

The overall distribution of support does not necessarily indicate that there is a broad range of funders supporting organizations based in that country. For example, in Swaziland, nearly all of the $11.1 million going to recipients based in the country was received by a single organization: the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation.

Overview Table4_AGAGReport

For more information on the foundation funding by geographic focus and the full U.S. Foundation Funding in Africa report, visit U. S. Foundation Funding for Africa – 2015 Edition

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