MASTER tech wizards session

In a couple of weeks, one of the sessions I’m facilitating at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose is called “How To Be A Wizard at Tech Training.”   As you can tell from the slide,  we have a Harry Potter theme for the session.  My colleague Cindy Leonard has used her photoshop magic to help each of the speakers transform into a character.

Here’s the description:

Hands down, this is the most interactive session you will attend at 16NTC! Our session will change the way you design and deliver technology trainings. Whether you are facilitating a session with your board, staff, or hundreds of folks in a room, you’ll find ways to design instructional content that interests, engages, and inspires action.

This is a session where you’ll be an active participant in your learning and will leave ready to apply lots of practical tips and techniques that will give your trainings more impact.

It has been a pleasure to co-design this session with knowledgeable and smart colleagues who are as obsessed with instructional design and interactive exercises as I am.   It also has been fun to reflect back on training sessions I’ve designed and facilitated over the past 2 decades as working as trainer in the nonprofit technology area.      Over the last few years,  I’ve used my blog as a transparent reflection tool.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to organize some of those posts into a resource list.

Instructional Design

Peer Learning Design

Icebreakers and Closers

Learning Styles

Interactive Exercises

Facilitation Methods and Techniques


International Training


Train the Trainers Model

Other Resources


If you deliver training to nonprofits, what are your burning questions about design and delivery of interactive training?


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