2013 was a banner year for social change marketing internationally. We connected through the World Social Marketing Conferences, the ISMA, and social media in new and more collaborative ways than ever before. These connections elevate the standards for social marketing that WORKS. Operating from standard definitions, training based on specific protocols, and rigorous program evaluation help our field advance, ultimately changing more lives for the better.

Change I want to see

Our greatest challenge, however, is the urgency of the problems we face. We must act to make a difference sooner rather than later… NOW versus soon, in fact.

So, if you are considering joining ISMA, or are looking for ways to dive deeper into the field of social change marketing in 2014, do it! Today. The more involved you become, the greater the rewards you will reap — for yourself and for overall well-being on our planet.

Look for next week’s blog post: Mike Kujawski speaks about tapping into world social networks. 


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