Pioneer Pitch Day Judges + Staff


The forward movement of healthcare innovation is at a fever pitch. Between consumer health focused mobile apps and much needed systemic changemaking, there is a growing pool of ideas that are sprouting up all over. Just like it is with the constant stream of resources and information gathered through social media – the activity of conscious curation of these ideas is the next step in purposeful innovation for our wellbeing.

Last Fall (October 16th to be exact), the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio – the division responsible for forward thinking ideas and initiatives in health – held their first ever Pioneer Pitch Day event in New York City.  The Pioneer team has been fully focused on opportunities to collaborate and encourage fresh thinking. A few years ago, I interviewed RWJF’s Paul Tarini about how competition can be a healthy resource for bringing forth inspired ideas – that same thinking continues today.

I actually had a chance the day after the event to catch up with Lori Melichar – the Pioneer Portfolio’s current team leader – about what the the future will hold for the event and the division’s role in securing innovative ideas for healthcare. Now that the fantastic video highlighting Pitch Day has been released, I knew it was a perfect time to bring all of this together.


Listen to our conversation and let me know if you have any follow up questions for Lori on what Pioneer is all about.


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