Written by Nancy Lee, as part of her Social Marketing Sightings theme.
Sighted on: Chicago Sun Times

Social Issue: Opioid Epidemic
Social Marketing Strategy: Place

This week on the local evening news, I heard about something I hadn’t known.
Libraries across the country are making Narcan easily accessible. As an example, here’s news about one in Chicago.

Public libraries are stepping up to save lives amid the opioid epidemic

“As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage too many Chicago neighborhoods, two city agencies are taking a small but significant step that, we hope, will help save lives.

Officials from the Chicago Department of Public Health and the Chicago Public Library last week announced a new program to make the overdose reversal medication Narcan available at 14 library branches located in areas that have been devastated by drug overdoses.

Starting later this month, library patrons will be able to obtain the nasal spray form of naloxone from wall-mounted boxes, no questions asked. Library staff have been trained on Narcan administration and distribution, and there’s no limit on the number of overdose reversal medication kits patrons can take.”


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