We are excited to feature Nicole with Narrow Collective on our blog! We had the pleasure of working with Nicole and Courtney back in December and it’s been great seeing their progress. Enjoy!

I never knew what I wanted to “do” with my life. I spent my college years at The University of Texas searching for a career path and bouncing around from major to major. I ended up being an Exercise Science major and as graduation approached I realized… I didn’t want to go to physical therapy school. So I was left wondering what the heck was next for me. I felt the pressure that I think most college grads feel. I also had big dreams of finding the perfect job that I was passionate about, that I loved, and that would be fulfilling. At this time, I really started digging deep and trying to figure out and pin-point what made me tick. That’s when I was sure that I wanted to spend my days making a difference in this world and truly impacting people.

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Well, that is what led me to start working with Courtney Copeland on Reaction Tour. Reaction Tour is a non-profit that puts on sports camps in underprivileged areas around the world. This is probably the best job I could have asked for. I have only been working with her for about 6 months now, but during that time we started a new endeavor, Narrow Collective. Narrow Collective is a blog purposed to expose and expound on merch that is cause-driven, and making changes in the world for the better of all man-kind.

Narrow Collective
Here’s how it started. We were looking for a platform to raise more awareness about the awesome things we are doing with Reaction Tour and how people can sponsor a child for camp by simply buying one of our shirts. We searched the web everywhere for something like this, but were not satisfied. That’s when we decided that we could do this. We could become the go-to resource for discovering cause driven fashion, design, and trends. And just like that, Narrow Collective was born. We launched on December 1, 2015. Since then, we, ourselves, have discovered so many wonderful companies out there who create great quality product and are doing so much good with their business.

Sometimes there is a misconception that in order to impact the life of someone in, let’s say, Africa, you have to sell your things, pack up, and move to Africa. Though this is great and it is necessary for some people to go, this is not the only way. There are companies who sell their product here in the US for us to buy, and with that purchase we are supplying jobs or are a part of giving back to underprivileged communities. That is making a difference. That is being a part of changing the world. And that is what we want to help people see! There are all of these causes and organizations that people can be a part of and be involved in and we want to tell people about them to give them the chance to join and be world changers too!


Getting started with Narrow Collective has not been a smooth, easy process. It takes time, things come up that you did not anticipate, other people aren’t as passionate about it as you are or can make you feel like all your efforts are wasted. I think these are common struggles that anyone starting a new adventure may run into. But throughout this process, we have made awesome connections and relationships with our following, as well as with companies who have the same end goal that we have. To be a part of a community like that is worth it.

Being able to be a part of something bigger and to feel like my work with Narrow Collective is making a difference has made for a fulfilling life these past few months! I would say more than anything, make sure you are doing something that you absolutely love. Don’t waste your time or energy doing something just to pass the time. Search yourself, find what you love, and go after it with all you’ve got! Letting the fear of failure stand in your way is no way to live your life. You have passions and you have talents and skills in you. Locate those things and make your dreams a reality!

-Nicole Dornak

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