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Setting the scene for 2016

ICE is many things to many people – this is how I normally describe what it does and who is serves. You see, we work with people who have a need for Insight, Co-creation and Engagement. We are a digital behavioural change agency – and a great one at that. 

We know and understand behaviour, and it was through this that we developed Your Natural Leader; it involves our farm in Croglin, our heard of sheep and our team of sheep dogs. 

We worked with a client before Christmas, and I learnt a fundamental lesson. 

You see, the weather was against us. On the Friday we exchanged emails and phone calls to say ‘the weekend weather is looking grim – shall we rearrange?’ I said this to them as the leadership course is based for a huge chunk of the time in the beautiful outdoors – sheep aren’t that keen to sit at the table…

The response was ‘not a chance, rain never hurt anybody – really, really looking forward to it’ and so we checked again on the Saturday, again on the Sunday and there was no let up from the weather (this was a week before the floods).

I was worried. If the weather was utter pants the day could prove to be more challenging, and I wanted this organisation to get the best out of their time. 

Monday came, and it rained. Did they care? No, they did not! 

Before even starting the workshop, this organisation had pulled together as a team. They were checking each other’s limitations, preparing for what was about to challenge them and putting their gnarly boots on – they just got on with it. 

The rain eased off in the afternoon and after a luscious lunch and a dry off inside the barn, the afternoon was spent in a rain-free field. 

They inspired me on that day. It still reminds me now to check my limitations, look at what’s coming, pull together, get your head down and keep focused on the goal. I think they learned a thing or two as well; the testimonials and the footage certainly showed they had a blast! 

To learn more and to get involved, get in touch with me or click the link to meet the team!

Have a great January – here’s to getting your gnarly boots on…I’ll see you on the field with my furry friends!

Kind Regards

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