ISMA has increasingly offered new resources and touch points for both members and nonmembers in recent months. We’ve seen growth in new and wonderful ways. So we’re reshaping our communications efforts to focus even more deeply on cultivating a valuable membership experience. As a result, our all-volunteer staff is developing new resources, member newsletters, and social media posts. I’ve enjoyed blogging for iSMA in recent years, and it has been a wonderful vehicle to reach out to some people in the trenches of social marketing and learn from some of the field’s leading experts. While the blog has been a useful tool to attract web traffic, we’ve decided it’s time now to emphasize growing and serving the membership through the newsletter and other direct channels of support. Additionally, I’ve begun working directly with Trial Members via the membership team. It’s an exciting new phase that brings this blog to its natural conclusion.

Be sure to check out our News Desk, Facebook posts, and tweets! You can connect with the field in a variety of new ways thanks to iSMA. And, if you’ve liked learning and growing with us, please join now. Help us accelerate the pace of positive change in the world.

-Heather Bowen Ray


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