Many of us know the basics of better nutrition and well being. Drinking water is definitely part of that.

The consumer-centric world of beverages with some sort of added benefit has exploded over the past several years. Remember when Snapple was the feel good brand that you weren’t really sure if it was good for you but you just KNEW it was made from the best stuff on Earth? In this short PSA, Partnership for a Healthier America and Michelle Obama have teamed up.


As the First Lady points out – what you drink is up to you. But drinking water rises above much of the competition. In addition to prompting the “drinking up” of more water, you’re also drinking a better choice for your body’s well being.

I almost would love to see a team up with FLOTUS and Scott Harrison of charity:water giving a global perspective on how important water is for livelihood as well as long lasting individual health.


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