Jew in the City Skin Gap

There is a strange and unnatural rhythm in this video. It is not tasty but it touches it and that’s enough for me in this case. Because it is a nice approach to a contemporary theme in the field of Gender Equality. There’s even a link to the discussion on headscarves (with some extra imagination).

Gender equality is always top of mind, yet when it comes to getting dressed, women are expected to wear much less, and show much more skin, than men. In this video from social media nonprofit Jew in the City the roles are reversed. It begins in toddlerhood and only ends when a woman has exceeded a certain number in age or pounds and no longer fits the Western Beauty Standard. The nonprofit call it The Skin Gap.

Is the skin gap a form of sexualisation of our Western society? Are headscarves and burkas a response? And the question discussed a lot about on Osocio: ‘are problems like anorexia due to the current dress code?’. I know, that there are a lot of questions that come up while seeing these 51 seconds from Jew in the City. Or am I the only one?

Aren’t you slut shaming? is the nonprofit asking themselves on their website:

We are not trying to and hope we haven’t offended anyone. We believe that everyone should live self-actualized lives and treat all people with dignity. In the Western world it is completely normal for a woman to wear more revealing clothes than a man. Our objective is to create awareness that this imbalance exists and to start a conversation about whether this is damaging to women. Everyone knows that forced modesty subjugates a woman, but there is rarely talk about how a cultural and psychological coercion encouraging women to expose themselves could be equally harmful. When women feel pressured to display their bodies more than men do, there is a danger of women being judged more by their appearance than by their character, personality and talents.

The organization also deals with their Orthodox Jewish background. Interesting stuff, nice to read, a lot to think about.

Written, directed, produced by Allison Josephs
Production Company: Elie Creative
Director of Photography: Elliot Gabor

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