The other is you - L'autre c'est toi - uncovers stereotypes in fundraising

This video is the animated explanation of a project from three students majoring in social communication in Belgium. It is the final study project from Camille Bettonville, Jeanne Eloi and Fabiola Legrain Sanabria adressing the spread of stereotypes in NGO communication. A subject that we well understand and regularly write about

The project is called ‘L ‘autre c’est toi’ (The other is you):

In fundraising campaigns, NGOs tend to use oversimplified images of Africa that are diverted from reality to shock donors in a quick and effective way. Unfortunately, these stereotypes harm the dignity of local populations in Africa and their diaspora in Europe and around the world. Our goal is to find alternative communication techniques for NGOs and to film an educational documentary about the impact of stereotypes in communication. We decided to realize this project with our partners in Senegal.

The three students need support for this, financially in the first place. For this they have launched this crowdfunding campaign.

At this writing, they have already picked up 85% of the required amount of € 4,000. That looks promising for the remaining 6 days.

On the campaign page they write extensively about their plans. It is well thought. Bravo!
(And I’m sure the result will be seen here)

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