For you ... the beginning of a new journey

I’m extremely excited not only about the new look of the website but also the actual mission/activities that have changed a bit. For the past 6 years myself and a handful of guests on the blog have given you insight into the worlds of public health/healthcare, communication trends, technology and the impact of innovating across those realms. A few changes have been happening internally and external with the business over the past several months and without a doubt one of the most important has been this makeover.

From it’s humble beginnings as just a places where my thoughts and ideas around the future of health (specifically public health then), Pulse + Signal has come a long way. Now as a consultancy for the past year, Pulse + Signal will still be about highlighting these ideas and current state of healthcare innovation. I’m so excited to share this “facelift” with you all!

Let’s take a stroll through some of these additions/changes, shall we?

  1. Tagline: “Digital Branding & PR for Health Innovators” off the bat, you know what Pulse + Signal is about.
  2. Blog: The blog you knew and loved from the beginning isn’t going away! Interviews, reviews and thoughts on how technology & new initiatives in healthcare are making an impact. Have questions or ideas for things that should be up there? Let me know!
  3. About: What is this consultancy about? Who is Andre Blackman? What’s his experience/history like? Well, there you go.
  4. Services: This is what Pulse + Signal does. Strategy, getting the word out and working alongside healthcare professionals & innovators to bolster their digital footprint. Need these things for yourself or something your company is working on? Hire me.
  5. Testimonials: Don’t just take my word for it. Some other people think I know what I’m talking about too (and no I didn’t pay them).
  6. Jobs: Looking for gigs in the world of social media/digital in the healthcare field? Look no further. The Pulse + Signal Job Board has helped quite a few people in their search. Want to post a job opportunity to the board for forward-thinking job seekers in healthcare? Go right ahead.
  7. On the Right Side Column: Connect with Pulse + Signal on Facebook & Twitter! Get your friends/colleagues signed up for this newsletter! Oh yeah and right below that: a couple places where I’ve been featured (I get around a bit).

So there it is. A new chapter to expand my horizons and hopefully those of others as we embark on new journeys in healthcare.

Have some thoughts on the redesign? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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