In the field of Social Marketing, we tend to be hyper focused on evaluation, goals, outcomes, and results. It is part of our nature. And that’s a generally a good thing. This focus has helped a lot of people live better, healthier, productive, balanced and safe lives.

But do you appreciate the process as well? Would you be more filled with gratitude on a daily basis if you could envision some of the services your colleagues and co-workers provided you behind-the-scenes?

Take a moment to celebrate a mini milestone. Think about what it has taken your team to get where they are now. Consider all the effort — the research, the phone calls and meetings to coordinate the plans, and the individual drafts and revisions of iterative processes involved in the labor.

While you’ll want to keep working for ultimate success as you define it, offering thanks for interim accomplishments can help build momentum for the rest of the project. So, thanks to all of you… and cheers!


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